David Davis


08.17.18 - St John the Divine

02.01.18 - Valentines Dinner Acoustic Show

01.16.16 - NEW SHOW!!

05.15.15 - The Shelter Project is here! New Music with a cause! Click the logo to Donate today

05.03.15 - Thank you Covenant Community for letting me be a part of worship with you today!

04.12.15 - Good morning Cypress!

03.10.15 - Getting my heart and music right

03.09.15 - Needville United Methodist Church March 29th, Needville, TX

01.01.15 - New shirt for 2015 anyone?!

12.25.14 - Merry Christmas!!

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Sarah: Daddy, I don’t like Olive. Me: Who’s Olive and why don’t you like her baby? Sarah: She’s mean and laughs and calls Rudolph names. Me:.......Baby, it’s “ALL OF the other Reindeer”. Sarah: That’s what I said! 😳
15 hours ago

Watching Monday night football. I’ve started putting quarters in my pockets every time I hear Jason Witten say “He’s playing at a high level” I’m a quarter away from mooning my wife. 🏈'-
6 days ago

When you get to a stop light and all the sudden hear, “Nana nana nana nana!! Nana nana nana nana.......” #ImBatVan https://t.co/r8hOVvfvGw
6 days ago

Dear W, thank you so much for being heartfelt, vulnerable and loving today. For a brief moment, politics disappeared & we were all a sad nation in it together. 🇺🇸 https://t.co/d5VKIpOvJd
Dec 4th

“I want a kinder, gentler nation.” ~ George H. W. Bush. 🇺🇸
Nov 30th

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