David Davis


04.21.14 - Easter morning

12.24.13 - Spending the Holidays with a few GREAT friends!

09.19.13 - Thanks to EVERYONE who came out tonight!

06.01.13 - New shirt idea! Whatcha think?

05.23.13 - Narrowing down songs for the NEXT RECORD

05.01.13 - Live performance TV 57 Atlanta

01.24.13 - You and I ~ Pics

01.18.13 - All the cool kids are going....

09.09.12 - Cover song contest winner. Little Wing!

08.31.12 - End of Innocence Cover! (Don Henley)

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You never realize how many friends you have who play drums till your timeline is full of the video where a drummer is butchering "Oceans"
17 hours ago

The thing I LOVE about #Apple is they don't need to disrespect other phone companies to move their product. The quality speaks for itself.
2 days ago

Wow. Just. Wow. #sad #Texans
2 days ago

That's better. #Texans
2 days ago

How much of a southern small town is my hometown of Alvin Texas?.....The town sheriff's name is Robert E Lee. I am not joking.
2 days ago